convert int to char

Hi I am trying to convert an int to a string concatenate with a string and print the message out.

I am getting the error of incompatible types in assignment of 'int' to char[80]

I have looked but can't find an answer on the internet that solves the error for me??? Sorry for such a basic question

ldrReading is an integer and holds the value of 1024

char myString[80] ;
myString = ldrReading;

myString += " trying to return light level to the browser";

Serial.println( myString );

The itoa() function turns an int into a string ( note the small s in string means that it is a C string or a null terminated character string). itoa

srtcat to concatenate C strings strcat

Resist the temptation to use String (note the capital S) objects. Use of Strings can lead to memory problems. I forget why.

How about

  Serial.println(F(" trying to return light level to the browser"));