Convert JPG data to display on TFT-LCD

I'm building a controller that provides graphical feedback via a TFT-LCD and was wondering if anyone knew of an IC that would decode a JPEG picture and convert it to it's base RGB values to use as the screen data? The images won't need to be pulled directly from a PC as they will be stored on some type of memory chip. I was debating on using hardware to decode the picture or if anyone knows how you can resave the JPEG file in it's RGB components? I appreciate any help or advice you all have....thanks.


i dont know about hardware, but you could save the images in PPM format (the gimp and everyone else does it but fotosnop)

this format will save 24 bit images in plain ascii rgb values or dump them as binary raw data

raw image format is usually the same minus the format headers so nothing will open it back up again (but photoshop will save as raw)