Convert LSB per degree per second into mdps or vica versa

Can some explain what these unit mean in real life and the conversion between the 2 or the conversion to something more useful all together

Thank you

I am going to make an assumption that you are querying about an accelerometer or gyro LSB.

Let's say you are using a Uno where the A:D gives an output values of ~0-1024.

Let's say a value, accelerometer, of 2G is picked. A 0 from the A:D converter would equal 0G and a 1023 would equal 2G. How would 1G be represented from the A:D converter? Well, with 1024 steps, 2 divided by 1024 would give ‭0.001953125‬ per A:D increment; the LSB. When the A:D converter is read, at 1G the A:D would produce a 512. Thus 512*‭0.001953125‬=1 or 1G.