Convert normal keyboard into Bluetooth Keyboard

I am very new to the Arduino world, I am trying to convert my wired keyboard into a bluetooth keyboard. I have a few layman questions:

  • Is it possible to add an audio jack adapter(like PS4 joystick has), so that I can plugin my headphones to my keyboard itself to listen to the music.
  • Is it possible to achieve this(bluetooth keyboard + audio jack) on Arduino or do I need to use Rasberry-pi?
  • Is there a way to keep my current USB wire? so that I can keep working even if the battery runs out.
  • I want to keep all the apparatus in the keyboard casing itself, can you please suggest smallest Arduino board that will work for my use case(It's a custom made keyboard, I can fit at least something of iPhone7's size in my casing).r
  • I am not sure if I need a special kind of bluetooth breakout board for this(that can receive audio as input and send keystrokes to my system). Can you please guide what will be the best fit board.

Thanks in advance.

Wow, people keep getting lazier and lazier, should I do replacement for you as well? :smiley:

  1. It's possible to have sound, but I'm not going to cover it.
  2. For simple tasks like this Arduino is perfectly fine.
  3. Yes, it's possible to keep USB as well.
  4. You need "Arduino Pro Micro"
  5. If you're cheap you need this Bluetooth module: "HC05", but you have to change it's firmware, tutorial here:
    - YouTube

I'f you keyboard micro controller isn't "ATmega32u4" it will be easier to replace all electronics and make "Arduino Pro Micro" as main controller.
Still have bravery left to do this? If so, lets continue – you need to add battery for wireless use.
Also you will need battery charger circuit, USB power cable detection circuit (when to turn BT off and turn charging on). Still feel optimistic? Not for long – after doing all above now it's time for programing – you have to reprogram all keys commands. I skipped simpler stuff like making "Arduino Pro Micro" to appear as HID or extra UI for extra functionality.

If you do all above you'll just might reach your goal, good luck :wink:

P.S. I'm currently designing macro keyboard, will start to share my progress on twitter (@tweet_cgaces)in few weeks, check it out if you want to learn more.