Convert Processing Code to Arduino Code

Hi, I am trying to convert this Processing Code into Arduino Code, but :( not getting it right. Any code advice will help a lot. I am trying to split a sting in Arduino with "|", and then saving it in a array to reuse further.

Processing Code

String myString = "7|10|4";

int sensors[] = int(split(myString, '|'));

int A = sensors[0]; int B = sensors[1]; int C = sensors[2];

println(A); println(B); println(C);

Oops. Managed to lose the top of this post whan adding the rest.

As you are using Strings, you probably want a combination of String.indexOf() and String.substring().

Apologies for that, actually I am new to Arduino forum, & I posted that code which I am trying to build, but forget to mention that this runs on Processing well, But not compiling on Arduino Compiler. Need help on this.

Processing is based on Java. Arduino is based on C++. You can not run Java on the Arduino. Period. End of story.

You must figure out how the Java code works, and re-write that functionality in C++.