Convert RS232 to ethernet ( UNO+ EThernet shield ) i need your help plzzzz

hello, I need your help, I have an electronic card-based PIC which collects several measurements of several sensors, I want to connect it with my arduino board (UNO + Ethernet Shield) in serial port of the Arduino and see the data in ethernet port (RS232 to ethernet convert) is anyone able to help me for the code. Thank's.

and see the data in ethernet port

What does this mean?

convert data in RS232 to ethernet ( TCP/IP) sorry for my english

convert data in RS232

That's a voltage level conversion issue.

to ethernet ( TCP/IP)

That's a bit like asking how to convert some pile of money in your local currency to amps. Not a meaningful conversion at all.

What is it you expect to do with the data you get from the PIC, if you successfully deal with that issue?