Convert Seconds variable into Hours Minutes Seconds


Can someone help me come up with a clever way to convert a Long variable which contains a Seconds value into Hours Minutes Seconds variables?

For example, if I have a variable called Seconds which has a value of 135 whats the best way to break this down into the 3 variables?

135 Seconds should equal Seconds = 15 Minutes = 2 Hours = 0

Thanks for your suggestions!

Basically, use modulos and divisions

Here is a quick function that could help you

void secondsToHMS( const uint32_t seconds, uint16_t &h, uint8_t &m, uint8_t &s )
    uint32_t t = seconds;

    s = t % 60;

    t = (t - s)/60;
    m = t % 60;

    t = (t - m)/60;
    h = t;
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