Convert the signal from a voltage transducer to a usable voltage reading?

I'm building a datalogger with an arduino. I have a voltage transducer hooked up and feeding into the arduino but I don't know how to convert the signal into an equivalent voltage reading. I don't know if I am supposed to use a map function or not.

If it helps there is a 100v:5v indicator on the side of the transducer.

The transducer has a transformer and signal conditioner built in, so if the mV signal you're getting isn't "usable" I would guess it's because you aren't inputting a high enough voltage as the output is analogous to the input. I would recommend an amplifier on the output and measure with a good fluke. Keep playing with the amplification until your signal is within the Arduinos rather narrow margins for accurate measurement.

Or your transducer is broken. Do you know that you have a good signal out? Have you hooked the output up to a good DMM?

Hope this helps.

Post a link to the product page or datasheet for the transducer.