Converting 5-12V to 5V

The device I have designed right now is powered by 5V. Of course arduino has a large range of inputs for Vin, but there are other factors in my device (like current-limiting resistors for LEDs) that rely on a 5V input.

I would like my device to sort-of "blindly" receive this voltage supply and convert it to 5V. BUT, a 5V power supply is a possibility in that range-- so, I've tried using the standard LM7805, but given a 5V input, it is underpowered and doesn't really produce a 5V output. Very frustrating. So besides a LM7805 what else can I use to get this done?

Try searching eBay for ‘5v USB step down’.

I have used a few of these in my Raspberry Pi wildlife camera projects:

I have some reels of cable for security cameras and 12v power supplies. When I put the Pi Cameras out in the garden, I can run a long cable and not worry about power drop because these will drop down to a steady 5v.

Boost - buck converter with a 5v output and in input range that includes the range of voltages you need.

A regulator like the 7805 can only reduce the voltage and needs a certain overhead to work, so with 5v in you can't get 5v out.

A buck converter reduces voltage and also needs an overhead to work.

A boost converter increases voltage.

A boost - buck converter can increase or decrease voltage so it doesn't matter if the input is below, at or above the required output it will deliver the voltage you need.