converting a schematic to breadboard


I’m trying to wire up this sensor to an arduino via a breadboard.

There is a schematic in the datasheet with a resistor and capacitor.

Does this look wired up correctly?

Four wires: Red = VCC (3-5VDC), Green = Ground, Yellow = Clock, Blue = Data

Do I just connect the VVC and Grd with the capacitor? and similarly just connect the data line to vcc with a resistor?

On the data track (blue wires) does it matter what order I put the resistor and 2 wires?

Many thanks

That looks right to me, though that seems a very expensive way to measure the humidity around a single pot plant ..?

Be very careful with you connections as those SHT sensors damage very quickly, as I found out to my cost one time !

pot plant?

What the… hahaha!

humidity around a single pot plant ..?

What forum are you really talking about?


The phrase "pot plant" is apparently commonly used in some countries to refer to any "potted plant"

Probably in all, but in most, more than one interpretation. :roll_eyes: