converting existing project from Arduino pro mini to ESPWROOM32 (using AD8232)

My first non trivial project converting from one Arduino board to another. (actually probably trivial, I'm just hung up on checking pin mapping)

I'm hoping to connect an AD8232 to a ESPWROOM32. Found a few examples using the Arduino pro mini. A little surprised I haven't found any examples using the ESPWROOM32.

Mostly hoping for a sanity check if there are reasons why this is a bad idea. Seems odd no existing ESPWROOM32 projects with the AD8232.

Found a few examples with other ESP32 boards, going through double checking I am mapping to ESPWROOM32 pins correctly. My first time doing a conversion from one board to another. Planning to do some basic signal analytics on the board, log detailed data, wifi transfer to remote server for monitoring/checking. Likely add a pulsimeter heartbeat monitor for cross checking.

Other than working through pin maps, the data sheets for the respective boards, idk wtf I'm doing. (working slowly, mostly hoping for tips on process)

planning to convert this example from Arduino pro mini to ESP-WROOM32

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