Converting from TextString to WString

Hello. I'm a noob trying to convert so that it will work with Arduino-17. If I use TextString, it refuses to compile, so I figured I'd try to convert it to use WString. If I just change the #include then I get an error about using getArray. Instead, I tried to change all of the setCharAt/getArray/setArray as follows:

TextString lcdOutput = TextString( 9 );
lcdOutput.setArray("108.0MHZ" );
lcdOutput.setCharAt( 4, chrDigits[ aDigit ] );


char lcdOutput[][9] = {"108.0mhz"};
lcdOutput[4] = chrDigits[ aDigit ];

This doesn't work and gives the following error:

error: incompatible types in assignment of 'const char [2]' to 'char [9]

I've tried searching around the forum and google for solutions but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?


char lcdOutput[][9]

This defines a two dimensional array of a size that the compiler is supposed to figure out based on the initialization data provided.

 = {"108.0mhz"};

This is one dimensional initialization data.

The sizes (2D and 1D) don’t match, so you can’t do that.

Change it to:

char lcdOutput[9] = {"108.0mhz"};
lcdOutput[4] = chrDigits[ aDigit ];

I could have sworn that I'd tried that but now that you tell me to do it, it works :-)

Now I'm getting a different problem. Originally, the code read the array using:

  lcd.printIn( lcdOutput.getArray() );

How would I do the same with WString? I tried several variations of:

lcd.printIn( lcdOutput[] );

but nothing worked.

Thanks again!

I have no idea where TextString::getArray() is getting data from, so I don't know what to suggest as a replacement. Maybe someone else does.

Is one of these what you need...

lcd.printIn( lcdOutput.cstr() ); 

lcd.printIn( (char*)lcdOutput );