Converting ps2 keyboard char to string

I am using ps2keyboard.h library.
Main problem is i cant export ps2 characters to one string.
This function will be responsible for reading keyboard text to call the function.

This function

Which function would that be ?

If writed characters(from keyboard) matches my string for example "/help"
Than program do other function
I need only to convert input characters from keyboard to string .
I cant use serial monitor(lcd 16x2 without serial connection)

To convert the single characters to a string add them to an array of chars as they arrive and when complete (how will you know this ?) put a zero in the next array position (or do it as you go along) and you have a C style string that you can compare with another string.

Are you talking about it?

Ohh... ok problem solved thanks

Ohh... ok problem solved thanks

How did you solve it ?
Not by using StringToCharArray() I hope.