Converting Robot Controller Car to Arduino or anything similar

Hello, I’m new to this world of robotics and electronics. So I have a project that need to create a line following robot. I need to use a racing controller car and convert its brain which will follow the line. The car have 20Amp of ESC that connected with Brushless DC Motor. 6V of servo motor is for controlling front wheel, using the gear concept ( sorry I just put any details so that you doesnt confused ) If I’m not mistaken it is 4WD car.
What component should I use to setup its brain ? Is it motor driver that connected with arduino ?

Both the Servo and ESC can be controlled using the Arduino Servo library which is installed as a standard part of the IDE. It is, however, important not to power them or the car from the Arduino directly. You don’t need a motor driver board but it can be helpful.

As to which Arduino to use, how much space do you have to play with inside the car ?

May I know, what do you mean by helpful ? As I need to design the line following which connect with a locking system using keypad. And If I need one, is it L298N is suitable ? The line is only about 4m as I only need to show how it works. Btw, the car battery is 1400mAh Ni-Cd.

I meant helpful in the sense that it could possibly be stacked on top of a Uno and neaten the wiring

A brushless ESC/motor is controlled directly from an Arduino. No motor driver is needed and certainly not an old L298N type.

You will also need something to read the line that it is following. A search for “Arduino line follower” will find many examples to get you started. What you choose to do with any keypad is then another problem.


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Thank you guys for such being helpful.

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