Converting serial incoming TX RX 0~255 to voltage on an output pin 9..?

Hi, Im fairly new at this but im hoping someone can help me solve this as I have tried a few
codes but am a little lost in the direction for this( im sure its simple to some) but I have spent
a lot of time and reading with no results.
Im trying to send a simple voltage over these xbee's and have got it to send a digital 0~255 to the receiving xbee and now need to take the RX TX to Arduino uno and convert it so it outputs a voltage to a pin like pin9.

I have two xbee 900mhz which seem to be like S2 versions.
The receiving Xbee in XTCU is receiving 0~255.

Anyone help me in the direction for this or know of a code I can look at to understand more..?

Thanks im confused on this...

Arduino pins only can output LOW (0V) or HIGH (Vcc, 5V) voltages. PWM pins also can output square waves of a variable duty cycle (analogWrite), which can be RC filtered to give some mean voltage in between both levels, or which can control a LED from fully off (0%) to fully on (100% duty cycle).

mmm, Thanks for the reply.. so your saying that the Arduino can PWM to a pin that will vari 0 ~ 5v as an output?.
Im already doing a PWM on the pot to read the value and converting it to 0~255 to transmit

So the input into the Arduino though the RX TX (Serial)from the Xbee that is 0~255 i would have to write code to PWM that signal..?

I was thinking that i could do a serial read and then write it to a Pin like 9 (which is a PWM pin) and then maybe have a low pass filter to give me an even voltage from 0~5v..?

At the moment i can change the pot on the transmitting Xbee though an Arduino uno and the receiving Xbee will change from 0~255 and so thought that converting that to an output voltage wouldnt be to difficult....