Converting String to HEX for IR SEND

I’m stuck with some programming issue regarding IR Blaster.

I’m using this IR library for Arduino and i have Bluetooth device as input for IR codes.

When I recieve a hexadecimal Bluetooth code written in string:

String BT_Input_Code = "2FD48B7";    //For example

And I want to parse it to HEX so i can send it trough IR Blaster:

HEX Hex_Value = SomeKindOfStringToHexParser(BT_Input_Code);
IRsend.send(NEC, Hex_Value, 32);    //Hex value should be 0x2FD48B7 or just 2FD48B7

Soooo how do I convert it?
Is there some kind of parser method?

Is there some reason you can't just use a hex constant?

unsigned long BT_Input_Code = 0x2FD48B7UL;    //For example
IRsend.send(NEC, BT_Input_Code, 32);

If you really need a string you could use a C string:

char BT_Input_Code[] = "2FD48B7";    //For example
unsigned long value = strtoul(BT_Input_Code, NULL, 16);  
IRsend.send(NEC, value, 32);

I'll try, thanks!

IRsend.send(NEC, Hex_Value, 32);I think you meant IRsend.send(NEC, Binary_Value, 32);