Converting these values into an int or long?

Hi, I'm fairly new with programming, and I came across a problem. Is there any way to convert the values of '' 't.min' and 't.sec' into an integer or long value? Trying to make a digital clock, and I would like to hold the time's in an integer or long. I'm using the DS1302.h library. (I attached a screenshot of what I'm working with.)


Do you want to hold the time in seconds?
If so

time = t.hrs * 60*60 + t.min*60 + t.sec

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if you want to light RED leds and want to have

int hours // from 1 to 12
int minutes // from 00 to 59
int seconds // from 00 to 59

then write to the first pair of double digit LED's hour
the second pair of double digit LED's minute
third pair for seconds

Thank you so much for the help guys! Next time I ask a question here, I'll be sure to word, as well as format the information better!