Converting with Arduino

Hi everybody. I'm new to this and i would like some help please. I wonder if it's possible to use Arduino to measure the resistance coming from an European standard fuel level sensor working in range (0 -180 ohm) where 0 is empty and 180 is full. and then converted some how to send out to work with an American standard (240 - 33 ohm) where 240 is empty and 33 is full. I don't want to change the sensor or the guage. I know how to make the first part and measure the resistance. but i can't figure out how to converted or even how to send it out. please help. :o

Of course you can measure the resistance - just google "Arduino ohm meter".

When you have the resistance of one it's of course trivial to calculate what the resistance of the other would be, assuming they're linear, and the % full of your tank.

After that you can send it out over SPI, I2C, Serial, or whatever you like.