Conveyor DAQ Using Arduino


I am currently in the process of making a DAQ system using an Arduino. I would like to monitor the bearing temperature, belt speed, spindle speed, motor amperage, gearmotor temperature, total time conveyor has run, number of parts traveling over conveyor.

The thoughts I had about how I could measure these were:

Bearing Temperature and Gearmotor Temperature:

I thought I could use a small thermocouple for this.

Spindle Speed:

I currently use a reed switch sensor to monitor if the spindle is moving. I have not looked into if the sensor could be used to detect spindle speed. Is anyone familiar with using this type of sensor with an arduino. Also how could I design around not having to use a 24vDC sensor.

Belt speed:

I thought I could use a light sensor and mark the back of the belt with a colored line so that when the light sensor detects it can measure the time until it senses it again.

Motor Amperage:

I saw some sensors for the arduino that could measure current. Not sure if there is an easier way to measure the current without having to wire the motor through this current sensor.

Run Duration:

I was thinking I could simply record the time the time that the belt is running in order to create the total time the conveyor has run.

Part Counter:

In the past I ahve used Allen Bradley photoeyes but I do not think that this will work because the AB photoeyes need an input of 24Vdc. Is there a photoeye that could work with the arduino?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!!