Cool Tools thread

Not sure I’m at a level to require an O-scope yet but it’s intriguing. Especially the little nanos 8)

ya, at $72 or less on fleabay delivered, they work great!

"You will never regret buying the best tool you can afford", my dad. I remember this advice every time I chunk a cheap tool I was trying to save money with, . Next to my Aoyue 968A soldering/rework station, I use a Dremel tool the most of my power tools. Cutting traces, solder bridges, and assorted all too common booboos. Drilling PCB holes, cutting PCB, seems like I am always reaching for it. The wife gave it to me 25+ years ago, still going strong. TomJ

Oh yeah, Got my Excelite cutters and small needlenose kit at Home Depot, around$15 for both, next time to town I am getting another set for my workbench in the shop, the RS ones are going in the trash. Tired if sharpening them (with my Dremel, Ha Ha). TomJ