Cool toy for anyone in the UK

Looking at picking one up, not much in the reviews though.

LOL I love how the kid using it has a Jedi robe on!

Too bad I live in the USA ;D!

Here ya go, then, TchnclFl.

You don’t really think Amazon would pass up the opportunity to get one to you, do you? :wink:

Wow! Is the American dollar worth so little these days? Jeeze since when does £11.23 = $29.97?

Is Amazon just marking up for the helluvit, or am I going crazy?

Is Amazon just marking up for the helluvit

Maybe it gets a subsidy from the NHS because it’s a “prosthetic device”…

I see that there are “no batteries required”. Not quite so exciting for Arduino use as it first appeared.

no batteries required

Awww :(. I might have been worth it just to be able to control it via the web :P!

Well, you might be able to get a web-controlled arm by adding some motors/servos to the kit. But the “snap-together parts” description suggests a flimsy assembly with sloppy and/or sticky moving parts that would be hard to motorize.