Coolant temp and Oil Pressure on LCD

Hi I am very new at this stuff but I'm learning fast. I have spent the last couple days reading and have seen similar projects.

I am looking to setup a LCD showing engine temp and oil pressure.
Oil Pressr: 50 psi
Water Temp: 100 F

The sensors are both 0-5V sensors that vary the resistance. I am looking to use a 16 x 2 serial lcd and arduino board. I hope to keep this as simple as possible due to my lack of experience at this.

Below is a schematic of a circuit I drew up for this setup. I am looking for any comments/help.

did I miss anything. Once I have the schematic figured out, I'll move to the contrast control then to the code.

thank you for looking :slight_smile:

You will need more pins to control the lcd. Check out the LCD library and look at the examples.

I just got a lcd screen from adafruit that works good, they have a modified library and some good examples.

It even came with the POT for contrast. Other than that you should be good to go. ;D

Im looking to run a serial LCD which I believe only needs 3 wires.
Currently working on the code.