if i can connect to?, he i position 6 cooler in parallel. there a problem in the scheme? I can also connect in parallel the fans?

That's a little screwed up.

Go look at Arduino Basic Connections, Card 3, Connect a Relay.

Substitute your IRL520 for the for the 2N2222, your diode, and your fan(s) for the relay.

??, example

fans parallell OK, One diode is enough. Use a logic level N-channel MOSFET see page 6 I found datasheet. Your Mosfet is OK .

Naruto128: ??, example


I don't see any problems with your circuit, but as knut_ny said, only one diode is needed. The diode should be capable of momentarily passing all the current the fans will normally draw.

sorry, but I can use this IRL520?

BUT one mofet of logical type can vary the fan speed?

This is the first you have said of varying the fan speed. You need to tell us what you want up front. As knut_ny said, you can probably use that MOSFET.

Whether you can vary the fan speed depends on the fans. It might be easier to use six transistors etc. and vary the number of fans running instead, but we really know nothing about your application.

Connect Gate to a PWM output. analogWrite(pwmpin,nn); // read reference on analogWrite