Coordinate in TFT Display ( IC Driver SSD1963) with AWind library???

Hi All.
I am working with a TFT display (800x480) which my teacher gave me to design GUI .

I am using awind library by AndreiDegtiarev .

When i complier sketch " TabControl " in the example , it is ok. So i upload it and check, there is a problem. The position where i touch is incorrect with corresponding icon.
In the picture, when i touch Tab3 area, it show Tab1 :frowning:

In the code, there is no code mention about the axis X and Y. Can you help me to solve this problem?

Hi PrSaban,

It isn’t a big wonder that you can’t find in AWind library the handling of touch coordinates directly. AWind library is all about of hiding that stuff from library user. :slight_smile: The user of AWind library creates controls like buttons at the specific place on display and AWind track touch events internally and routes them to desired receiver (for example parent window of button control).

To your question: I can imagine, that there are some troubles with handling of touch coordinates in your case. You can try following steps:

  • try example “Dialogs”, whether you can press the button in the middle of the screen
  • if you don’t have success in previous step, try uncomment the line in AWind\WindowsManager.h:
  • //out<<F(“Touch begins x:”)<<x<<F(" y:")<<y<<endln;*
    Then you can open serial monitor and track the touch coordinates. You can compare values in the serial output with expected ones.

Just let me know about your results and we can figure out the further steps


Hi Andrei,
I’ve followed these steps your guidance.
In the example “Dialog” , when i touch the screen, without anything occurring.
Then I uncommented: out << F (“Touch begins x”) << x << F (“y”) << y << endln;
then i open serial monitor, i get : Touch begins x:-1 y:-1 whether I touch anywhere on the screen.

Hi PrSaban,

it seems that there are some „low level“ problems with touch in your configuration. AWind library is built on top of UTFT + UTouch libraries and I suggest that you first check example from UTouch library, like UTouch_ButtonTest and if it works than the same settings from Utouch class need to be transferred to AWind – examples. Otherwise you can check the wiring of your screen or there are some problems with Hardware itself.