Coordinate measuring machine controlled with Xbox or PS -Arduino

Hi guys, I am working on my magister thesis about concept and realization of motor drive for 25 years old coordinate measuring machine. I bought Arudino mega, Arduino CNC Shield, 3x Motor driver A4988 and 3x stepper motors Nema I would like to ask to you, how can I controll this stepper motors? My vision is that i will controll this stepper with the help of Sony PS II controller or Xbox controller. But I dont know how... Can I link Arduino and Mach 3 with plugin for Xbox controller?

Can u help me? - Some other ideas? Thank you! Best regards Ondrej.

Search for "Mach3 Arduino". Come back with more details if none of the many hits helps you.

DrDiettrich - Thanks for your answer. Of course, I was looking for ,Arduino Mach3, but I didn’t find some unambiguously functional solution… Do you know some other solution how can I controll 3xstepper motors with Xbox or PS3 controller?

I never used such hardware and software, so I cannot say what is working and what not.

This was my first idea, but probably Arduino doesn't has enogh pins... and the comunication between Arduino and PS controller is stumper...

I couldn't find out how the Arduino communicates with the USB host shield, can you? It may use only a few pins, leaving enough for the CNC shield.

DrDiettrich: Here is the example, but without CNC shield a drivers connection -

Sorry, a view from outside is not helpful. The library may use Serial, I2C, SPI or whatever communication interface.