Copernicus GPS Module

Has anyone had any luck interfacing with the Copernicus GPS Module from Sparkfun? I have the DIP module version below:

The pin outs are much different than the other GPS tutorials I have found for Arduino, although once I get the data in I can use existing info to parse the NMEA sentences.

Any thoughts?

Anyone? :)

Looks like a standard GPS module. If it runs off 5V, just hook GPS TX to Arduino RX and vice versa, hook up a common ground, and go.

If it isn't 5V (e.g. 3.3V is now more common than 5V) you'll need some level translation, unless the GPS says its inputs are 5V tolerant.

If you want to buy me one, i'll be glad to hook it up and tell you all about it. (:



I dont know how far you got with this module. We are working wit it as well. Just got it all wired up and applied a version of this code to it:

It spits out data but we are not able to get it to read the satellites as yet. Its giving data:



Have you moved any further with this?

Sounds like you are close. Did you hook up an antenna and take it outside?


Also, how did you wire it? Did you just hook up tx/rx or did you use any of the other available pins?


I hung out with it outdoors with my coffee - its still lazy.

I hooked up the RxB and TxB - as they are for NMEA readouts. The RxA I took to high (read that in the Lassen iQ Pin Connections) TxA I am leaving unconnected I have 6 pins(short, r2, boot, XRST with a pullup, Vcc, XSTBY) going to Vcc and 3pins (LNA, Open, GND) going to GND.

I am running 3.3V from the Arduino into the board.

I do have a 3.3V Zener Diode on the RxB thats going into the Arduino TX.

I am also sitting in Montreal. :)