copied: How to TTL a laser?

I have been practicing using the ARDUINO IDE for some time and notice that most post schematics and possibly believe that we are all brilliant electronic tech's, though I am not. I usually learn best with images such as jpeg, or png files, I am still attempting to use my 5Mw cheap laser module though it appears that the PWM signal is not being communicated to the TTL function of the Laser module, so what I end up with is a issue of laser on and no control once I plug power on, the lasergrbl has no ability to communicate the signal, I have started search the board for issues of other points to contact leads to, +/- PWM and still struggling pin D11 is being used as PWM, and I saw and image of someone soldering a lead from d11 to grnd and they claimed it corrected the PWM to TTL can I get any assistance or images no schematics as I do not understand the science or the figures

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