Copper plates and Transistor BDX53C as sensor on Arduino

Hi guys, sorry for my bad english.
I hope to post in the correct section.

I have a problem using a transistor as a sensor on Arduino, this is for an universitary project.

I have 2 copper plates attached to a transistor BDX53C, and when they are touched by one (or more people that are touching each other) it will activate and current flow (using the body as conductor). The transistor have two output that I attach to a relay to turn on and off come 220V lights, but now i have to attach them to Arduino and I don’t know how to do this.
I followed some scheme founded on the net, some of them explained to attach one of the two output to GND and the other on Arduino (digital pin), since output are 1 or 0, but it doesn’t worked for me, and I burned out 2 Arduinos (not with same error lol).

I enclose the electrical scheme (P1 and P2 are the two copper plates, OUT1 and OUT2 are the two output that i attach to relay and that now I need to attach to Arduino as digital sensor), hoping someone can help me. (When i use relays Vcc = 12Vcc with 1000 mA, since relay need at least 6V to turn on).

Thanks a lot to everyone :smiley:

I think the answer is in the cross-post,