Copy code from one Arduino pro mini to another

Hi I have an Arduino pro mini that is programmed and running a program that reads in various bits of sensor data, I require this program to be copied onto two more pro micros.

Im happy to pay for this service.

You may find this thread helpful:

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I take it you do not have the source code available?

Hi,I don't have the source code available. if I did it would be easy to load onto another Arduino.
iv configured a spare uno as an ISP and I think I have managed to copy the code back to file using avr dude. The bin file downloaded looks to contain valid hex data. but cant seem to load file back onto another Arduino whatever avrdude commands I use it doesn't seem to like. I believe iv managed o remove the bootloader on one Arduino pro mini by accident. Avr dude is not the easiest program to use.

Sounds like it would be a lot easier to start from scratch. What did you do with the original programmer?

-jim lee

The original program was lost a while ago. It was written by a colleague to do a particular job who unfortunately is no longer with us.

Do you know in detail what the program does? If you're planning to pay for some work, it might be better to get it rewritten in case you need to copy it again later or make code changes.