Copy Code Remote controller and Arduino RCSwitch pure range with 433 Mhz

Hi All,

I have a problem with my project. I would like to make a wall light switch with these:
copy code remote controller → 433 Mhz el cheapo RF receiver → arduino rcswitch

copy code controller:

cheap 433 mhz reciever:

I’m using 17cm antenna with the 433 mHz reciever.

I programmed the rcswitch send demo, and programmed the copy code controller. The system works well, and the reciever can detect and decode the signal.

The only problem is that it has only about 0,5 m range…

Can anybody help me how could I extend the range? (needed about 10-20 m)

Thank you all in advance!

Those receivers will work up 10 meters indoors with an antenna.
You have a receiver with a coil, they are tuned and fixed. But I would strongly suggest to use a receiver with a crystal.

I can think of a few things:
1 ) The receiver might be mis-tuned, because of the coil.
2 ) Those copy transmitters could be really bad.
3 ) The code couble be badly copied into the copy transmitters.
3 ) There might be a mismatch between the transmitters and the RCSwitch library, which makes it only work close range.
4 ) There could a 433MHz noise nearby, perhaps if you have it next to your computer.

Can you get outside in the open, to copy the code into the copy transmitters and try again ?

Thank you for your reply!

I will try it outside to program.

But I have discovered a plus thing. These remote controllers dont have an antenna, just a metal casing which is functioning as an antenna. (it has no contact) But if I put together it with a wire the range increases about to 5-10m.

So maybe if I apply somehow an external antenna, could it extend the range?

Here’s a picture of it.

I can't seen the antenna or antenna connection on the circuit board. Is it on the other side ? About 5 to 10 meters is normal for very bad quality transmitters. You can try with an antenna.

The wire what I'm using is not connected to the circuit board. Just to the metal case. (2. item on the picture from left.) And the metal casing is also not connected to the board.

I tried to connect the wire to the board, but I couldn't find any point where it worked.