Copy Data from COM3-Window

Hey everyone,

First I have to appologise for my bad englisch, I´m no native speaker.

For my project I need to copy the data, I generate and view in the COM3-Window. I can select everything with ctrl-A, but if I try to paste it in a .txt-Document (Windows Editor) or in Microsoft Excel, it didn´t work. I tried the special Imput-system of Excel.

Thank you for you´r help!

Do ctrl-a to select all then ctrl-c to copy selection to clipboard and then you can paste where ever you want (ctrl-v is keyboard shortcut to paste).


unfortunately I can´t use ctrl-v to paste ist anywhere. If I use ctrl-v excel shows a symbol, whitch means, Data has been copied, but there is no data


I have found a solution:

If you mark everything via ctrl-A, it doesn´t work. But if you only select a part of the data and copy it part by part, it works!

Unfortunately, the former solution doesn´t work anymore..... can anyone help me?

Can you post a sample of the data that you want to copy? Can you change the format of the data?