'copy for forum' uses [quote] instead of [code]

Basically the subject explains it all. If you highlight some code in the IDE (v17), select ‘copy for forum’ and paste that in a post, what’s get pasted is enclosed in [qu0te][/qu0te] instead of [c0de][/c0de]. As a result the window around the code could get quite large. ie. not scrollable.

Hope the explanation makes sense.


This is chosen because of the ability to show syntax highlighting. :)

So it's a choice between syntax highlighting, (possible) large unscrollable blocks of code and smaller scrollable blocks of code without syntax highlighting. I've seen some post where the code was pasted with the syntax highlighting and that the first reply was in the line of 'use the # button when posting code' possibly because the block of code was 2 screens in length (on my 1280x1024 screen)