Copy values from Analogpincontrol firmata/Use Digitalpincontrol firmata

Hello Everybody,

I am student and a newbie to arduino firmata. My plan is to test a sensor and control system with firmata.The basic idea is to read the analog values from Analogpincontrol and copy those values to a new textbox and may be add a simple formula to change the value displayed in that textbox. for example: I connect a temperature sensor and if I read value 800 from analog, I want to convert this value to temperature and view it in a new textbox. And I want this value to be continuously displayed according to analog data fluctuations. On the other hand, I want to control an output pin (on or off) according to the value range displayed on the previously mentioned textbox. eg: the temeprature is too high and the digitalpincontrol turns on a fan, when the temperature is down, fan is turned off.

is anyone out there that can help me out on this situation ? help is much appreciated..This is my first time posting on a forum, so thanx for bearing with me. Thank you.

is anyone out there that can help me out on this situation ?

Help you with what? Reading an analog pin value is trivial. Writing to a digital pin is trivial. All the real work is done in the unnamed application on the PC.

Analogpincontrol is added to a form by means of adding a dll to the form. after that I don't how to process it.

Resulting in some code. Well, guess what? We need to see that code.

What are you having trouble with? As I said, reading the pins states is trivial. Writing a string to a text box is trivial. Formatting the string from the pin states is not all that difficult.

"Write my code for me" happens when you offer money or other compensation in Gigs and Collaboration.

Hey Guys!

I found this great tutorial on how to interface with PC using Firmata. So I decided to share. If anyone is having the same requirements/difficulties follow the linkā€¦ Regards to the people who made it!


Good Luck!!