Copyright on Arduino IDE 1.5.2, 1.5.3, 1.5.4 source code

Hello, I was wondering if the entire software source code available on Arduino IDEs for DUE is under GNU GPL license.

For the most part that I have seen there are two kinds of license/copyright notices: One explicitly saying GPL 2 and the other by individual contributors using simpler words but meaning the same.

In CMSIS there are some parts that are under ARM Copyright notice but they also say free distribution, free to modify, etc.

What do you think? Are they all under GPL?


I might have found my answer here: The 4th bullet in section "Can I build a commercial product based on Arduino?" says

"..The source code for the Arduino environment is covered by the GPL, which requires any modifications to be open-sourced under the same license. It does not prevent the sale of derivative software or its inclusion in commercial products. "

Unless someone says otherwise I assume that the source code in IDE required to run DUE is completely covered by GPL.

I agree with the above, but watch each library or other pieces you may use, they can have different licenses. One in particular I watch for is the creative commons noncommercial which is fairly liberal until you want to make money on a product using it.

Ok, that I shall remember. Thank you.

I am not trying to make money by making a derivative product. Just searching for a file hosting service that will not force me to use closed-source client run on my completely open source Fedora PC (no, it doesn't have flash and I don't need it!) :| Some services are very strict on hosting non-GPL products and that's why I asked. They can work with standard CVS or equivalent open source products and so no need for a closed-source who-knows-what-it-does client.

If all else fails I shall use a Windows PC to run the client but my development shall stay on the Linux system.