copyright question

Can someone tell me the conditions of the posted code in general?

So a student at my university wants to use some posted code he found here for his thesis. Now the question is what kind of copyright is valed and what are the restrictions for using code found in the forum?

I consider any code that I post to be in the public domain and anyone can use it for any purpose - I have no intention of losing sleep or wasting money on lawyers. However this comment is not to be construed as relinquishing any copyright that may accrue to me by reason of my writing the code.

A reference in the source code and documentation to the source of the code and the author would be nice, but is not essential.

Other contributors may have very different views.


I would think that anything put in the forum is there for everyone to modify or use as they wish. This may not be a strict legal interpretation but much of the code is a combination of many members so it is difficult to claim ownership of a collaborative work.

As Robin2 has said, an attribution is always good in the source code. Once in the hardware, it makes no difference.


If a person appreciates the work of others then they can give others credit for the work they appreciate.

If they don't, then they know they are cheating and will do so the rest of their life.

For a thesis one normally mentions a list of all sources used, so people reading the thesis can verify them.

giving credits where credits are due is the minimum one could do.
Furthermore some posted code have explicit copy-rights or copy-lefts in them,
so copying snippets might be in the grey area already

Thanks alot for the input. Of course he gives credits to the forums people. We were just not sure if threre is copyright in a generall way on everything posted or so.