Cordless Phone RF Module Interfacing

I recently took apart a 900 MHz cordless phone and it's base station, rescuing 2 radio modules in very good condition. The only information attainable off the modules are as follows (in order of handset & base-station):

PQLZ10005ZBM & PQLZ10006ZBM RU0927H15JBB & RU903B15JBB SS9951 & SS9951 HAND & BASE 0037256A & 0026130F 1740M ABT & 1740M ABT The phone was a Panasonic KXTC1740B. I was wondering if the Arduino community could help me figure out how to interface this with other things, mainly sending data between 2 Arduinos. A picture of the modules can be found at

Update: Found a service manual of the phone, not much info there, but here it is

I guess I would have tried to scope or logic probe the tx and rx lines to see what is going over them when the phones were working.

But that is a really great idea with the phone - I think you are onto something! They are dirt cheap, run a good while on a small battery, and have good range - could make for a perfect little radio.