Core cannot be downloaded for the Arduino 101 now that It reached EOL Solved

Now that the Cuire 101 has reached the End of Life with Intel attempting to download the core for the board using the board manager fails because it references an Intel server. Attempts to find it on their website results in a page not found error. Search engines remind us that " Download Arduino 101* Software Package
[Search domain]
End Of Life - This download, the Arduino 101* Software Package, will no longer be available after June 30, 2020 and will not be supported with any additional functional, security, or other updates. All versions are provided as is. Intel recommends that users of the Arduino 101* Software Package uninstall and discontinue use as soon as possible."

While I would not recommend buying a board, I already have one and had occasion to have to re-install the desktop IDE and cannot install the board core because it depends on the Intel server, which has removed it. Is there an alternate source. My 101 is part of an Udoo x86 development board and I really would like to use it sill.

Tried it again today and it downloaded the archive, but had some trouble until I removed the old .arduino15 directory. It would freeze and not complete the installation. It also took up to 5 minutes to complete it. So be patient. Some must have fixed the links!