'core\core.a'; reason: Permission denied.....how to fix

Dear group,

I cannot compiler just only normal code “Blink” in example. After I add ESP8266 module in IDE. I found error.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\tools\avr/bin/avr-ar: unable to rename ‘core\core.a’; reason: Permission denied

I try to uninstall Arduino IDE and new install but problem is still happen. I permit all full control in the folder. I use Windows10. Before this it worked well.


The ESP8266 board module is necessary only if you plan on using the ESP8266 standalone without the Arduino. If this is the case, go ask your question at http://www.esp8266.com forum

If you plan on using the Arduino Uno to control the ESP8266 using AT commands then you don't need the ESP8266 module.

You might have the wrong broad selected (assuming you have an arduino plugged in) - check what hardware you are trying to compile for