Corn Hole/ Bean Bag LED Project Question

Hey guys,

New to the site. I am looking for some guidance to my first Bean Bag / Corn Hole LED project.

My goal is to make portable Bean Bag boards Powered by Battery Banks running 5v LED's that you can connect to the Soft AP via my phone and be able to sync effects between the two bean bag boards to have the same effect once selected in the web server.

I have a few questions as I am new to this and usually control all of my ESP's through MQTT and this will be in an area that has no WiFi for use of MQTT.

This is what i'm trying to figure out, and need some help with. Is having the ESP8266's communicating to each other.

This is my idea:
One ESP8266 in AP mode that runs the web-server under board 1 that my phone connects to to select the effect.
Another ESP8266 under board 1 that is a client that receives the effect from the server and is controlled with FastLED (Or can this also be eliminated and ran on the first ESP8266?)
One ESP8266 under board 2 that is a client that syncs with the other ESP8266 to receive the effect.

I know how to get the LED's working as I have Holiday lights on my house / LED's behing my TV that are all ran by NodeMCU ESP8266's, I just need some guidance on having the 2 or 3 ESP's talking to each other over the Soft AP that is created.

Everything I have read is all about sending data from the client to the server. I want to know how to get the server to send stuff to the client/s to have my FastLED's select the correct effect (if this makes sense).

Sorry if this is vague or confusing. Please ask any questions you may have. Any help is appreciated.



Check out ESPNow