Correct Arduino BT board to buy for image transfer project

I am very new to all of this but have selected a project to learn with. I want to send a picture from my smartphone to a digital picture frame via bluetooth. I've done several days of research but probably don't understand enough to know if I've already seen the answer or not. The digital picture frame I have only accepts pictures via a USB connection to a PC. I want to reverse engineer this. I believe I want to use the BT Basic Imaging Profile (BIP) as a base for the board. Can anyone suggest a board and shield to purchase for this project?

You'll be asking a micro controller to transfer a ton of data which it isn't particularly suited for. Its certainly not impossible, but it may be slower than you are expecting. Most Bluetooth modules for the arduino implement the serial Bluetooth profile.
On top of that AFAIW the arduino won't be able to act as a USB host for the picture frame.
Maybe you want to look at using a raspberry pi instead.

Thank you very much for your quick response. By your suggestion, I did some research on the raspberry pi unit. In and of itself it looks like a great hobby platform to experiment with (and a worthy cause). However, I have in mind a very small footprint model. In the end, I would like to demonstrate the ability to send one picture (~4kb) to a very small display (~2" X 2"). That is why I thought the bluetooth board would match best as far as footprint goes.

Just for comparison the Arduino Uno is 3"x2.5"x0.5" and the rapsberry pi is 3.37"x2.2"x0.83", so not a whole lot different.

What brand of picture frame is it?

Here are some links on similar discussions,139310.15.html

And a search of the arduino site for USB mass storage

Thank you for the reply. Very good point on the size difference. The more I delve into this the more I think you are right and I will end up with a R Pi type device. I am maybe being naive when I think that once I am able to prototype this as far as function goes, that I'll be able to get a BT chip in the 2X2 or less range.

I have a number of 3X3 miniature picture frames that I am currently disassembling to see if I can reverse engineer what information they look for and how the handle what is sent to them.

I will look over the links you've provided. I really do appreciate the time you took for the reply.

I don't know why you're fixed to the BT. If you can live with WiFi as the wireless medium you might have the possibility to use a WiFi Bee (Wifi Bee‏‎ - Seeed Wiki) together with a USB Host Mini ( This is not fast and definitely not an elegant solution but it might work and is really small.

The first thing you need to figure out is if the picture frame is expecting a USB Host device, ie a PC, or a USB mass storage device, ie a flash stick. Once you figure that out you can go from there.

If you get a Arduino Prototype to work you should be able to scale it down quite a bit. You would be able to build a custom atmega board that only does what you need it to do without the extra overhead that an Arduino board has.

Thank you laadams85 and pylon. Very good direction. I'm thinking Bluetooth because of a combination of what I'm use to on my cell phone when sending stuff wirelessly and my ignorance of options. I am going to fool around prototyping other options as you've both suggested. Hopefully I'll be able to take it to a point where I've learned more and can ask more focused questions if I have any. Thanks again for your time, help and direction.