Correct external antenna for MKR1310 LoRa

Hi forum,

I'm working on a LoRa project trying to connect an MKR1310 to The Things Network.

I've followed every guide available and have tried to debug in countless ways but I can't get past the "Something went wrong;..." message.

I'm using this antenna ( and I've also tried to physically move next to 2 different TTN gateways in my area (I'm in the US) without luck...

Could anyone confirm that this is the right antenna for my use case? I suspect I might've sourced the incorrect one.

If you have any suggestions as to what I could try please throw them in there.


did you not receive an antenna with the MKR1310 ?
make sure the frequency you are using suits the area you are in
when you moved next to gateways how close was that?

Is your antenna mounted on some type of plastic enclosure, as required?