Correction to pins table in SPI library at Arduino's Playground

I don't know if the following correction has been notified here in the forum but I found errors in the Uno or Duemilanove SPI pins displayed in the table on the Connections section of the SPI library reference SPI - Arduino Reference

The table shows MOSI pin 13, MISO pin 11, SCK pin 12 and SS (slave) pin 10 for Arduino Uno or Duemilanove.
It should say: MOSI pin 11, MISO pin 12, SCK pin 13 and SS (slave) pin 10 for Arduino Uno or Duemilanove..

The weird thing is that the Google search for "arduino spi mosi" shows the right assignation of this pins in the summary of the cited hyperlink:
"On the Arduino Duemilanove and other ATmega168 / 328-based boards, the SPI bus uses pins 10 (SS), 11 (MOSI), 12 (MISO), and 13 (SCK). On the Arduino ...".