Corrupt data with Arduino pro mini 3.3v + xbee?

Hey people,

So I'm trying to run a basic hello program using 2 xbees. 1 is attached using the explorer to the computer and the other is connected to an arduino mini 3.3v. I get data but it's all garbled up and says nothing close to "hello world". I've tried connecting the xbee to my arduino duemilanov and it works, but when I swap it out with the mini, it doesn't. I keep the setup exactly the same only I move the rx/tx wires over to the desired arduino. Can any one help me?

Xbee1 (arduino) PAN - 1111 Dl - FFFF MY - 1 BD - 38400 (I've tried 9600 too)

Xbee2 (PC) PAN - 1111 dl - 1 MY - 2 BD - 38400

I'm using the 5v from the duemilanov to the raw of the mini (tried it with the 3.3v aswell). The 3.3v of the duemilanov powers the xbee. All grounds are connected.

I just don't understand why it works for one but not the other... I've also tried 2 other mini's

okay so I tried it out on a 5v arduino pro mini and it works... I didn't even use a voltage regulator. I supplied 5v from the mini to the xbee. I really don't understand why the 3.3v pro mini is not working with the xbee even though the xbee requires 3.3v to operate.. can anyone help me!?!?! pulls hair

I have a custom XBee shield that powers the XBee from the 3.3V pin on the Arduino. It sends and receives just fine. I've used the same shield on a Netduino which is a 3.3V device, and it works fine there, too.

So, I don't think it's a voltage issue.

One thing that might be causing a problem, though, is that the 3.3V mini operates at a different clock speed from the 5V mini. The 3.3V mini uses an 8MHz crystal, while the 5V one uses a 16 MHz crystal.

So, you might need to double the baud rate on the 3.3V mini's serial port to get it to communicate successfully with the XBee.