corupted zip file.

I have downloaded the environment file 0009 several times with the same result every time. Zip and rar archivers both tell me that the file is corrupted. Could you please check-out if thats the case and correct the error if any.

It may be that our server is a bit temperamental, because a few people seem to have had this problem with various versions of the software. I don't think any of the .zip's are actually corrupted, though, so I'd recommend trying again, possibly on a different network or computer.

A lot of people are updating to the latest software version these days and therefore the servers cannot always make it right. Please be patient, it is an open source server ... running on open source software



When trying to download the latest version I am getting the following virus warning:
This request is blocked by the SonicWALL Gateway Anti-Virus Service. Name: Downloader-11826 (Trojan)

Can someone check this?


Which version are you download (Windows, Mac, Linux)? Where does the error come from? An anti-virus program on your computer? Some sort of proxy between your computer and the internet?

Hi, I was trying to download the windows version. The virus is detected by my SonicWall TZ170 firewall, which is running comprehensive gateway security.

The MAC and Linux versions are fine, but the Windows version gets the virus warning.

I'll try to take a look, if I can find an anti-virus program that I can use. Can you get your virus scanner to tell you which file inside the zip it thinks has the virus?


This looks like a false positive. I disabled my gateway virus detection, downloaded the Windows file, and then ran AVG virus scanner — clean! Sorry for the trouble.