Cosm and MIT's app inventor

Hi, I am trying to use Cosm with apps created using MIT's app inventor (basically enabling web for this ->,148853.0.html)

I do receive data - ie GET requests work fine, but I can't work out how to PUT data. The problem is that MIT's app inventor only allows to methods - get or post

I tried adding '&?_method=post' to the URL but that doesn't work - I get a 403

Oh and since I can actually GET data from Cosm one way communication is possible - if you want to I might as well post an example app

hate to respond to my own posts but I got it to work

strange I am sure I was doing exactly the same thing before

Just this URL

then POSTing text string

and it works, though I didn’t work before :~

lol I guess I was too tired or something

anyway, expect an example app that allows two way communication (COSM <=> ANDROID APP <=> ARDUINO) soon 8)