Cosm graph problem

This is a bit off-topic but I’m anxious for some quick feedback and the matter might not be exclusive to cosm.

I had cosm running fine for several days

Suddenly, I could no longer see the graph but the data was still being uploaded OK as I could see it in the orange boxes. This led me to believe that the problem was at the cosm end.

I now find that I can see the graph on the laptop and the tablet. I therefore conclude that the problem is the Firefox installation on the desktop. I can’t see the graphs on the desktop using IE8 either, but I’m prepared to put that down to another issue as I don’t normally use IE8 for anything.

The laptop uses Firefox, the tablet has its own Android stuff.

I suspect my problem is caused by a Firefox automatic update, and I am wondering what to look for.

I recently dropped the daily use of Firefox as I encountered problems with playing video/flash on my laptop. Might be related issue.
Use Chrome for a while now, works quite well (has it own thingies;)

robtillaart: Use Chrome for a while now

Ah, that was a good idea. I have just installed Chrome, after about fifteen attempts at Firefox, but no result with either. There is no evidence of any other problem and I have put the cleaners through the system. In the meantime I have two laptops showing the graphs OK, with Firefox.

I am starting to conclude the operating system is in need of repair and maintenance.