Cost if WiFi communication was mass produced

Hi, I’ve been using a Arduino WiFi shield to develop a base pod for a pill box that transmits compliance information over the internet. But now I need to provide a estimate in the project as to how much the WiFi component would cost if done commercially and mass produced. Could someone provide me with some insights on what vendors or products are used for such WiFi communications commercially and their cost. I am an amateur to Arduino. As such, please excuse my lack of knowledge.

Nordic Semiconductor nRF24XX TI Chipcon CC1101 and CC2500, Silicon Labs SI4420, 4432, 44XX, Microchip, Hope RF RFM12B,22, 23, EZ-Radio and the whole host of OOK and OOK and Holtek encoder decoder radio's available. to name a few from memory, when I was designing that stuff... but Mr Google... You Do Now him?, I hope.
It's a poor image you create when you ask others to search for you,,, and my off the top of my head knowledge is likely both wrong and old, as is a lot of what you might get as opinions from the vast base of experts here. Much better to look at the stores perhaps on Ebay and armed with some more material ask a different set of questions, Like Zigbee, Bluetooth and get some more 'information', at least enough to talk intelligently to the marketing rep from the company selling what (hopefully) is the technology that is going to work the best for the least and make your latest and greatest work to expectations (they never do, completely). besides many yet have figured out that it is less embarrassing to make mistakes with Google than it is here..