costume idea: moving moth wings

hi, I'm trying to make a costume where there are wings mounted to your back. They rest at folded position, and can be activated to slowly or quickly open. they don't need to "flap", just close and open. im wondering if the hardware for moving them would be able to be safely attached between your shoulderblades, and hidden underneath a capelet. the wings themselves are going to be made with about 3-5 layers of thin chiffon like fabric and I would like to put small lights in the edges of the wings.

is this gonna be possible and also survive being worn? where should I start as far as hardware? thanks!

Yes you could do that. But split the job into two parts - moving the wings and second the lights.

Servos will move the wings (1 or 2 per wing).

Drop the idea of lights at least to start with.


muscle wire maybe ?