could a cell phone camera module transmit photos over wifi

I am very new to Arduino but am very interested! Having scoured Google (maybe I messed up), I cannot find any relevant information on my question.

I would like to use the Camera Module from a cell phone (e.g. iPhone 4) to send photos to my computer via my existing wifi network. So in short, an IP Camera made out of a tiny HD camera from a cellphone (yes, I would prefer for these photos to be received in high resolution at a rough-rate of 1 photo per minute). I would like to be able to log into it like an IP cam can be (e.g. and just view the stream. Alternatively, I would be perfectly happy with my computer constantly downloading new images into a specified folder.

Any ideas? THANKS!!!!

You need a lot of stuff. Camera module, system with microcontroller to interpret the data from the camera module. Wifi module to transmit the data to your network. Not an easy project.

The resulting device is going to be somewhat larger than the iPhone, so I don't really see what you're trying to achieve. Surely there's an app for this?