Could I interface to Arduino system from a .NET program on windows?

Would it be possible to hook into an Arduino network build to allow wireless control of some switches (i.e. home automation) from a .net project running on a Windows PC (as I have live data coming in there that is part of the decision process re when to turn remote switches on/off)

Goal: Allow my software that I develop on a PC control a remote 240V switch (i.e. on/off) wirelessly.

Requirements then would be:
a) remote wireless switch
b) wireless transmitter that plugs into PC
c) SDK / API (i.e. software with doco) that I would use to call out from my software

Would Arduino assist here? Or should I best look at another platfrom?


Your description isn't very clear.

Do you have an existing Arduino network, and if so how does it communicate?

A PC can communicate with Arduinos in a few ways ...

If there is one Arduino connected to the PC via a USB cable that Arduino could wirelessly communicate with other Arduinos

The PC could communicate with one or more Arduinos using Bluetooth or Wifi.

I can't imagine any reason why the program on the PC can't be written using .NET stuff.


I don't have anything now, so really looking at options (everything is new to me, but like arduino, z-wave, c-bus etc) for an easy/value-for-money way to control remote wireless switches.

So from an Arduino point of view I guess I'm effectively wondering whether is there an existing Arduino library available that interfaces to popular home automation platform (e.g. z-wave, zigbee etc)? and if so the details? I suppose the ideal would be if I found out there was:

(trying to avoid having to develop things from scratch such as communications protocols etc)

I suspect your title, and the place you have posted your question are not ideal.

From what you say the question is not how to communicate with an Arduino from .NET (which is easy) but one of ...

whether an Arduino based system is the best way to implement a project (which has yet to be described in sufficient detail) or

whether an Arduino can be programmed to act as an interface between a .NET program and some off-the-shelf wireless products (which have yet to be identified specifically).

You could ask the moderators to move your question to the Project Guidance section, and you could change your title by modifying your original post.